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We created the MpcLab-UMA, an agricultural biotechnology laboratory founded by researchers of the line of research “Microbiology and Plant Protection”.

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We have extensive experience in plant diseases caused by bacteria and fungi and, for this reason, we created the MpcLab-UMA, an agricultural biotechnology laboratory founded by researchers of the line of research “Microbiology and Plant Protection” integrated into the Institute of Subtropical and Mediterranean Horticulture “La Mayora” (IHSM-UMA-CSIC).

We offer support to “Precision Agriculture” through the following studies:

A fast and efficient diagnosis makes the difference in the control of pests and diseases. We have the most modern diagnostic techniques:

  • Identification by microscopic techniques
  • Identification by PCR and sequencing of ITS regions (fungi) or 16S rRNA and other essential genes using MLST “multi locus sequence typing” (bacteria).
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With our innovative kit you will know which compound works against the disease that affects your crop.

You will also learn to alternate the compounds to avoid the appearance of resistance.

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We carry out the analysis, both in plant and in vitro, of new phytosanitary compounds with activity against certain pathogens.

  • Analysis of the development of the infection on plant material
  • Determination of the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) and inhibitory 50 (IC50).
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We offer a detailed study of the evolution of the disease as well as the defense response of the plant using modern microscopy techniques and quantification of plant defense markers.

  • Analysis of the symptoms of the plant
  • Detection and quantification of plant defense components (lignin, callose, H2O2)
  • Microscopic analysis of the development of the infection
  • Analysis by qPCR of the biomass of the pathogen
  • Analysis by qRT-PCR of plant defense genes
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Chitin deacetylase inhibitors and their use as agricultural fungicides, arthropocides and nematicides (2019) Universidad de Málaga and Universitat de València.

Authors: Pérez-García A, J Martínez-Cruz, R Zanni, D Romero, D Fernández-Ortuño, M Gálvez-Llompart, R García-Domenech, J Gálvez

International code: WO 2020/234497 A1

Countries: AE, AG, AL, AM, AO, AT, AU, AZ, BA, BB, BG, BH, BN, BR, BW, BY, BZ, CA, CH, CL, CN, CO, CR, CU, CZ, DE, DJ, DK, DM, DO, DZ, EC, EE, EG, ES, FI, GB, GD, GE, GH, GM, GT, HN, HR, HU, ID, IL, IN, IR, IS, JO, JP, KE, KG, KH, KN, KP, KR, KW, KZ, LA, LC, LK, LR, LS, LU, LY, MA, MD, ME, MG, MK, MN, MW, MX, MY, MZ, NA, NG, NI, NO, NZ, OM, PA, PE, PG, PH, PL, PT, QA, RO, RS, RU, RW, SA, SC, SD, SE, SG, SK, SL, ST, SV, SY, TH, TJ, TM, TN, TR, TT, TZ, UA, UG, US, UZ, VC, VN, WS, ZA, ZM, ZW